Every day do what brings you
closer to your goal.

We will support your motivation.

MBoard is a personal planner that helps you achieve goals and motivates you to move towards them every day.

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Why do you need MBoard?


Plan your personal goals, work tasks, or your own business.


Post a motivating picture and track progress.

Enjoy the results

All that you have achieved is in one place. Watch and enjoy.

Formulate and visualize
what are you aiming for.

Write a specific goal, the achievement of which motivates you, and add its visualization as a picture.

Build concrete steps
which will lead you to the goal.

Write down what you need to achieve your goal. Detail all the way to the task that you can do right now.

Every day track your progress
toward your goal.

Do one task after another, and the progress bar will show your movement toward your goal.

Collect all your personal
and work goals on one board.

Switch between goals in one click. Keep all your goals on one board and work comfortably with them.

Enjoy your achievements.

View your goals to see how you grow and develop.

Why did we create MBoard?

Dmitry GomeniukCo-founder, CEO

“When we created MBoard, first of all, I thought about what motivates me to wake up every morning and do what I do. There were always some distant goals and dreams. Thanks to MBoard, I can see how they are getting closer every day.”

Elizabeth EfimovaCo-founder, CMO

“Thanks to MBoard, we fill daily routines with meaning and awareness. It’s important for me at the end of the day to realize that today I’ve made a few more steps towards my dream.”

Alex SinkevichCo-founder, CTO

“When I was asked the question ‘What have you achieved by the age of 28?’ I wondered. Agreed, not everyone can quickly answer what he has achieved, for example, over the past year. With MBoard, I can view my achieved goals over time and be inspired.”

How much does assistance in achieving your dream cost you?


no hidden costs, no paid plans, no limitations

Forever free plan.
Even if MBoard becomes paid.

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Why MBoard is free?

We decided to make the service completely free until we reach the required number of active users. Then, we will make it a paid service, but you will continue to use it for free.

Motivation Board.

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